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In general having OCD is a major crisis in a person's life and a very serious condition to have to deal with – akin to being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, or Alzheimer’s Disease! All are neurological disorders which have mental, emotional and behavioral manifestations.

Because OC-SPEC problem are so serious, if you choose to have me on your team I will be as aggressive with the OCD as I am gentle and caring with you and your family. Unlike other psychologists in this field I will be spending hours working on your case. I do not know if I am the top professional working with OCD, but I can honestly tell you of the hundreds of OCD counselors I have met I am still looking for someone better at this work than myself. We have a fight ahead of us against a powerful opponent, but together you and I are even more formidable!

Our main mission is to change your brain through behavioral exercises. I take this mission seriously and together we will prevail!